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The Enviro Solar Films team have been in the window film business for over twenty years, bringing together a wealth of experience in both the residential and commercial sectors. We specialise in offering a number of products which provide solutions to the issues you may encounter with glazing and the surroundings that you work and live in.

Temperature control, glare and fading are some of the main problems you may encounter and we can tailor films to assist in dealing with some or all of these issues, depending on your particular requirements. Films can range from a completely clear look to various tints which not only deal with these various concerns but can also aesthetically improve the look of your property.

In addition they can also provide you with added security and privacy, if required. Located in the Midlands, our team of fitters are based in strategic locations nationwide as we provide coverage for the whole of the UK, from the South of England up to and including the North, and Scotland. In the residential market we are heavily involved in the insulation of conservatories.

These are normally too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. EnviroFilm will turn these as close to a normal room as possible, making them comfortable all year round. Our customers also find that our clear window film is also useful for helping to make their homes more energy efficient in the winter by keeping the heat in, keeping warm and saving money on energy bills.

Commercially, safety and security film is a key sector for us in terms of bringing glass up to regulation standard, where it is easier and cheaper to do so, rather than replace the glazing. Reflecting heat and in particular glare, is also helpful in creating a more ambient environment to work in, and enabling staff to use computers without the reflection of the sun.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Products
We only use the best quality 2 ply products on the market and that’s why we are happy to provide a 10 year guarantee with all of our work.

Quality Staff
We employ all of our staff, take them through a rigorous training programme on installation and customer care importance, and we believe that makes a difference.

Quality Support
It’s not just about selling a product. We believe it’s about the whole customer experience, from your original enquiry, discussing your needs, identifying the solution and ultimate delivery of the product, not forgetting aftercare as well. We are proud of our post installation reviews and customer feedback. Have a look through our case studies and testimonials to get a feel for our customer comments.

Our Films Work
The old fashion saying ‘it does what it says on the box’ is very true. Our products do deliver performance and solutions to the various issues surrounding glazing. Our customers tell us this! Which is the best feedback we can give! Contact us

Why not give us a call and find out how we can help you resolve some of the common issues that you may be encountering.

Call us on 0844 549 9249 or email us on enquiries@envirosolarfilms.com or enquire here.

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Installation Team

Phone: 0844 549 9249

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