Enviro Nano Ceramic

“Introducing Enviro Nano Ceramic, the smartest edition to the window film collection”

It is that time of year again, the Autumn chill has arrived, we are all craving those cosy nights in after a long day in the office. You may have noticed that your conservatory is getting cooler, or your rooms are cooler due to heat escaping through the window. You will find as this occurs, you will be more tempted to put the heating on or light a blazing fire to make your room temperature comfortable. This can be convenient, however can lead to overspending on energy bills and damaging impacts on the environment which could be easily avoided.

What if we told you we have a sustainable solution to cut down your energy bills by simply installing Enviro Nano Ceramic? And of course, dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, which is becoming increasingly important with the current climate. Enviro Nano Ceramic is the latest, innovative technology derived from material used on the Space Shuttle (to keep it cool on re-entry), it does not make you compromise on clarity to keep your house warm. Some of our recent customers have been keen to invest in Window Film after hearing of the endless benefits but have been sceptical as they do not want to sacrifice clear windows. This has been down to the customer owning a listed property where they are unable to change the appearance, shop windows needing to remain clear or just out of personal preference. These customers have been thrilled to find out they can have all the benefits of our product without a strong tint. The Ceramic technology only enables delivery and performance without compromising visibility.

The benefits of our product include: 52% Heat Reflection, which is perfect for keeping the house cool during Summer months, 99% UV Block which prevents furniture fade, heat retention, a sustainable solution to keeping heat in during the chilly months, and 21% glare reduction which helps combat the annoying sunlight hitting screens when using a Computer/TV.

We recommend Enviro Nano Ceramic to a range of customers. Shop owners are often wanting a solution to keeping their display items in perfect condition all year round, with 99% UV block this product is perfect for combating fade and with a 10 year guarantee it is a no brainer. We also recommend this product to customers who own listed buildings as it is common for them to not be allowed to modify the property, therefore this offers a solution which doesn’t compromise on the character of the property, but can still offer all the same benefits of film with more tint. We often have customers who do not want to apply a tint to their windows but want all the benefits of a window film. This is what we would offer them for maximum clarity.

Get in contact today to find out more about the newest film which offers clarity from both sides, with no need to compromise on keeping your home insulated.













Created 2020-09-24 13:23:46 by Lauren Jones