Start saving this Winter!

“Be Winter ready with the ultimate solution to heat loss and energy reduction, where the investment pays for itself.”

So here we are once again, the cold nights are creeping in, we have gone from having the fan on all night to switching the heating on. Indeed, many of us are finding ourselves turning the heating up or putting the fire on as we say to ourselves “I’ll just put it on for an hour” and then before you know it you’ve had it on all night long! This is often the case for many of us as when we are at home, we want to feel at our most content, and comfortable. We all work hard and want to experience cosy evenings after a long day of work!

There are many ways to combat reducing bills, but if you ask us, putting on five jumpers and four pairs of socks is not the answer. So, what if we told you we could help you combat energy reduction, while still being comfortable in your home all year round? Does this Sound good? Unheard of? Well the answer is yes, we can help you reduce your bills while keeping your house warm, why not start saving this Winter?

All of our EnviroFilm products have a Low-e coating which retains up to 66% of the heat which would usually escape through windows during Winter time, which results in the heat being kept in the room and added benefits of reduced energy bills, as there is less of a need to have the heating on for hours.

 Recent reports from our clients have informed us that they are seeing many benefits from this low-e film, including heat retention in Winter, which leads to energy reduction during the Autumn/Winter months. Our client’s also love the fact the film is clear, which means the film doesn’t impact on the aesthetics of the house, thus preserving the charm and character of their home.

All of our products offer heat retention, even Enviro Clarity Low-e, which is recommended for listed buildings where regulations prevent single glazed units from being upgraded to double glazed. Therefore, we often have many clients who own listed buildings, who come to us seeking a heat retention solution, and they are often amazed once they realise the benefits there are to this product. And even if you double glazed units, the film works equally as well, ideal for maximum heat retention.

Now onto the important stuff, U value is the measurement of heat lost through the glass pane (watts/sqm/degree). The Lower the U value the less heat is being lost through the Window. The average U value of a double-glazed unit is 2.3, with an EnviroFilm installation, this reduces to 1.08.

If you are working from home this winter, this could be an essential solution to retain the heat, creating a comfortable, motivating work environment, and proven energy reduction. So why not enjoy all the benefits the film provides, whilst saving on energy costs too!

Created 2020-10-08 10:44:42 by John Stephenson