Conservatory Film

Creating a comfortable room out of a conservatory all year round

Enviro Film works equally well in both glass and polycarbonate conservatories, creating an effective solution to cutting temperatures when it is hot especially during the spring and summer, whilst also providing the additional benefit of keeping the heat in during the winter.

By applying window film to your conservatory, you will be able to use the room during periods of the day when the sun would normally make it very uncomfortable to occupy, and also at times when it is cold during the winter months The metalised surface of the film creates a dramatic reduction in the incoming solar heat by reflecting it away from the conservatory.

It works in the same way by retaining heat which is generated internally by not allowing it all to escape through the windows. It is installed by our network of highly trained fitters and usually takes no more then one day to install, dependant on the size of the building, with minimum of disruption. It is usually more cost effective than blinds and is much more efficient at reducing temperatures. Blinds will provide shade, but they can attract dust and insects and can be difficult to keep clean.

The film is virtually maintenance free and also deflects glare from your property, as well as reducing UV rays, helping to reduce fading.

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