Fade Protector

Fade Protector Film

Are you aware that UV enters through windows at all times of the year, even windows that are not directly affected by sunlight? The damage that can be caused by UV can be permanent with the fading of fabrics, furnishings, paintings, and furniture commonly reported in both households, public buildings, and offices.

With the significant advancement in construction technology we are now offering a wide range of films, including our Enviro Clarity range of products which reduce upto 99% of UV whilst maintaining a clear view through windows, not affecting the aesthetic look of the property. This look is especially important when applying film to listed properties, museums and traditional period buildings.

In our range of Enviro films we also cater for a mixture of solutions that might be required at any time. You may also want to reduce glare, reflect heat or even retain heat in the winter. We can combine one or all of these qualities in the films we provide giving you a comprehensive multi-functioning film that not only provides significant benefits but potential cost saving advantages in terms of heating and cooling expenses.

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