Low-E Film

Low-E Film

Window films have traditionally been used in buildings and homes to reduce heat and glare, creating a much more comfortable environment in the summer whilst saving on cooling costs. These commonly used standard films have provided an excellent solution and have served our customers well in meeting their requirements to address heating issues. Enviro Low-E Window Film has been developed to deliver a new generation of scientifically advanced films that would meet a much wider range of standards enabling a permanent all year round performance which is important noting our diverse climate.

Improve your living and working environment

This film is unlike standard solar films, which produce savings only during warm weather when you are trying to cool down your environment. Enviro Low-E provides cover all season, providing low-emissivity that can produce savings in both cooling and heating cost. Yes that is a film which performs all year round.

How does it work?

The low-E coating on these films help reduce the loss of room heat during the heating season. One way that heat is lost through the windows during the heating season, is that objects within a room are warmer than the surrounding outdoors and the objects in the room will then radiate heat towards the cooler outdoors. For windows that are non Low-E, much of this absorbed heat is still radiated to the outdoors. The Low-E film coating does not absorb a significant portion of this radiant heat and reflects much of it back into the room.

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