Residential Film

Residential Films

It is very likely that Window Film can protect you and your belongings at your home, save you money and improve both the appearance and energy efficiency of the property. Carpets, furniture and works of art are all subject to fading. This process can be dramatically reduced by the installation of solar film. All these films filter around 99% of harmful UV which is the main cause of fading, besides reducing incoming solar heat. Many home owners have spent thousands on a conservatory only to find that for much of the year, it becomes just too hot to enjoy.

Computers, home-cinema, games consoles, LCD and plasma tv’s… the list of expensive entertainment equipment we have in our homes surprises most when they list it all. Unfortunately, these items are just what burglars and criminals are after. By installing a solar film daytime vision into a home becomes much more difficult, particularly for the apparently ‘innocent’ pedestrian casually walking past your home, trying to see what’s inside. In fact, a ‘one-way’ protective screen can be successfully created- ideal also for garages and sheds.

If you are concerned about burglars gaining entry into your home by smashing windows, or are worried about the dangerous threat posed to your children by shards of glass following an accident or impact safety films are the perfect solution. Meeting British, European and international impact standards, once applied safety films form an invisible yet potentially life-saving barrier by making forced entry or breakage due to impact much harder, and holding glass fragments together if breakage does occur.

Why not have the best of both, and ask for a combined Solar/safety film which offers the many advantages of both types, in one film.

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